Equipping long-distance trains with access to the Multimedia Portal

The following items have been completed:

- More than 2,000 all-equipped cars;
- More than 500,000 passengers every month;
- In-train information and entertainment portal: movies, music, games, newspapers, sales catalogs, etc.;
- Automated content update system;
- More than 150 movies;
- More than 200 audio tracks;
- Advertising platform;
- Analytics.

It took us a short period of time to equip about 16 rolling stocks of long-distance trains within the territory of Kazakhstan, which amounts to more than 350 cars with direct access to the multimedia entertainment portal where all passengers can watch movies, read fresh newspapers, use train services and other conveniences. The WIFI network access is free for passengers. We also developed a special partnership program to effectively promote our customers' goods and services. Using our portal, your advertisements can be viewed by more than 300,000 passengers every month.